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Turning Urban | Research Symposium

In case you don’t think there’s enough going on, tonight is the Keynote Lecture from Janice Perlman – President and CEO of NYC MegaCities Project – for the “Turning Urban” research symposium. Advertisements

Clark-Howe Symposium

Clarke Construction is sponsoring this series of guest lectures from working professionals in honor of Joe Howe (1924-2009) who taught construction practice management at the Schools of Architecture and Engineering for over 30 years. They are coordinated as lectures for this year’s undergraduate 3rd year “Building Matters” course taught by Professor Lester Yuen, who is … Continue reading

Design Careers Expanded Symposium

By all accounts, the first annual Design Careers Expanded Symposium was a great success! A big thanks to our Keynote speaker Katie Swenson, and to all of our panelists: Catherine Dee, Jen Siomacco, Michael Lewis, Thomas Pollman, Leslie MacDonald, Becca McCharen, Hara Woltz, Bernard Harkless, Kate Snider Tabony, and Alexander Kitchin. Your stories were incredible … Continue reading

Design Careers Expanded Symposium

On Friday March 18 and Saturday March 19, we will be holding our first annual “Design Careers Expanded” Symposium. With an emphasis on specialized skills such as drafting, modeling, and 3D visualization, the number of possible career paths from an architecture degree can seem very limited. When examined more closely, the skills developed in our … Continue reading