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Tools for Conviviality projects featured in Crozet Gazette

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FINAL REVIEW: Tools for Conviviality

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Ashley Schafer is a guest critic at our reviews

After giving us a lecture about her work, Ashley Schafer sat in on reviews for the 2nd year Path A ARCH 602 Studio with Professor Peter Waldman. She also sat in on a review with ALAR 4020-8020 Tools for Conviviality. Tools for Conviviality was also joined by Melissa Goldman our new shop manager and Alexander … Continue reading

Open House Exhibits – Thesis + Venice Studios

Ashley Wolff | ALAR 8995: Independent Design Research Studio | Professors Craig Barton + Julie Bargmann Brad Schuck | ALAR 8995: Independent Design Research Studio | Professors Craig Barton + Earl Mark + Various Other Professors Daphne Lasky | ALAR 8995: Independent Design Research Studio | Professors Craig Barton + Robin Dripps Melissa Elliott | ALAR 8995: Independent Design Research Studio | Professors … Continue reading

Wood Flows Gallery Opening!

Tools for Conviviality has put up a show in the Naug! This is Kelly Reed introducing the Gallery to our crowd. Kelly, presenting Augusta Forestry Center in Waynesboro, VA. AJ Artemel presenting Columbia Forest Products in Chatham, VA. Kelly Reed and Kara Lanahan presenting our Maps with the Wood Flows Model visible in the foreground. … Continue reading

Dripps – Phinney Residence

Robin Dripps and Lucia Phinney had the Tools for Conviviality Studio over for dinner with Lionel Devlieger tonight, and their house is truly a beautiful portrait of them.

woodflows sneak peak …

ALAR 4020-8020 | Tools for Conviviality | Prof. Lucia Phinney + Prof. Lionel Devlieger | Sophia Lee | Help building from whole studio!

Woodflows: Tracking VA Forest Products from Whips to Waste

In case anyone’s not busy on Sunday, we also have a gallery opening occuring: