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Design Careers Expanded Symposium

On Friday March 18 and Saturday March 19, we will be holding our first annual “Design Careers Expanded” Symposium.

With an emphasis on specialized skills such as drafting, modeling, and 3D visualization, the number of possible career paths from an architecture degree can seem very limited. When examined more closely, the skills developed in our UVa architecture program are both broad and highly valuable in a wide range of fields both closely and not-so closely related to architecture.  This symposium presents the academic and professional paths of 11 UVa SoA alumni who have developed diverse and meaningful careers based on their architectural education.  We hope the presentation will expand the notion of what it means to be an architect and highlight the fundamental architectural skills that are highly sought by a broad category of professional fields.

Our Keynote Speaker on Friday will be Katie Swenson,  Vice President of National Design Initiatives Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. This is the organization that awards the prestigious Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship.

We will be holding 3 sessions with 3 panelists per session:

CONNECT: Interface + Maps + Strategies

  • Catherine Dee | Director of User Interface/User Experience | Silverchair | Charlottesville
  • Jen Siomacco | Designer of User Interface/User Experience | Silverchair | Charlottesville
  • Michael Lewis | Senior Strategist | R/GA | NY, NY
  • Thomas Pollman | GIS Analyst | Office of Emergency Management | NY, NY

DESIGN: Film + Fashion + Environment

  • Leslie McDonald | Design Professional & Assistant Project Manager | Abrahamse & Company | Charlottesville
  • Becca McCharen | Creative Director + Founder | Chromat | NY, NY
  • Hara Woltz | Environmental Scientist, Artist, Activist | NY, NY

CONSTRUCT: Communities + Structures + Objects

  • L. Bernard Harkless Jr. |Project Engineer | Clark Construction Group, LLC | Charlottesville
  • Kate Snider Tabony | Designer | Alloy Workshop
  • Alexander Kitchin | Adjunct Lecturer + Owner, elbwrm – design.fabrication.research.concrete | Charlottesville

Read our panelists’ bios on the Design Careers Expanded wiki!



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