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ALAR 4020-8020, Inside the A-School

Onsrud we go

The “Tools for Conviviality” studio has begun fabricating!

To complete the CNC certification, there followed a small homework assignment. Students designed a 12″x12″ tile that contained the 4 different types of CNC toolpath options: contour, surface, pocket cut, and drilled holes.

I began with a Rhino file in which I designed a tile that interlocks in a simple tessellation:

With help from friends, I imported the geometry into MasterCAM to generate NC-code toolpaths. Afterwards, with a great deal of help from Melissa Goldman (and Alexander Kitchin’s studio students who were busy hacking+brushing CNC routed foam formwork from a concrete pour), I watched in awe as the digital file milled itself into reality:

Yours truly,

Sophia Lee, M Arch Path B.



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