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6010 Mid-Review

Robin Dripps’ 6010 studio had our mid review yesterday.  We have been working on designing at Barracks Road Shopping Center. We have a very loose program, the only requirement is that housing must be included, but the number of unit is up to us.   For about a month now we have been looking at the systems, both past and present, that factor into the site.  For example many of us are looking at water systems and the larger water shed that Barrack Road is part of.   Before the construction of the current shopping center Meadow Creek ran right through the site, currently the creek runs under the parking lot in a big pipe.  Many of us are day-lighting the creek and examining the implications of that.   Some people are also looking at the topography that existed on the site pre-shopping center and how that influenced the movement of water and people.   Another big system that we are all tackling is the connectivity of the site to the larger context of the University and Charlottesville.   The following are some photos of our review and some of the work:

Qiufan's Model


Aaron's Presentation

Catherine's Presentation

Catherine's Model

Amelia's Model

Judy's Plan Diagram

Judy's Model

Lauren's Model and Diagrams

Liz's Model

Liz's Plan

Parker's Model

Sameer's Presentation

Tom's Model

Whitney's Presentation


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