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Design Research Seminar Presentations THIS WEEK

Design Research Seminar can be considered UVa M. Arch’s thesis prep course. It must be taken in the Fall preceding the Design Research Studio in Spring. The following poster was put together by Lana Elam and Abby Chryst. Hope you can drop by. Advertisements

Visit to Polyface Farm

As part of the Planning department’s 100 mile Thanksgiving events I went with a group to pick up three 18lb turkeys from Polyface Farm .  While there we wandered around and looked at all the animals and took in the amazing landscape surrounding the farm. For those of you that don’t know anything about Polyface … Continue reading

Interview with Dean Kim Tanzer, Part 2

Listen to Dean Kim Tanzer as she describes the “Research Themes” framework which she brought to UVa SoA. To read more about the research themes go to http://www.arch.virginia.edu/research/

Interview with Dean Kim Tanzer, Part 1

Dean Kim Tanzer came to UVa SoA just last year, but she has already sparked a series of initiatives including courses and a larger vision for the school. Listen to an interview with Dean Kim Tanzer, conducted by Amelia E-L, as she describes her innovative new course entitled “Design Entrepreneurship.” You can read Dean Tanzer’s … Continue reading

6010 Mid-Review

Robin Dripps’ 6010 studio had our mid review yesterday.  We have been working on designing at Barracks Road Shopping Center. We have a very loose program, the only requirement is that housing must be included, but the number of unit is up to us.   For about a month now we have been looking at … Continue reading

Fall Open House | Elmaleh Gallery

Students submitted work to display in the Elmaleh Gallery for Fall Open House. Go take a look, it looks great.

UVa M. Arch Fall Open House | ARCH 8010 Pin-Up

ARCH 8010 had a pin-up for the Open House today. Michael Petrus came as our critic. As a brief recap, this studio is designing an environmental sciences lab for professors at GMU that will be dedicated to not only science, but also educating the public and school children about the ecology and processes of the … Continue reading

Design Research Seminar Dinner

On Sunday, Craig had student from Design Research Seminar over for a lovely dinner of lasagna, wine, various sparkling beverages, and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Thank you to Craig and his family for having us!