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Inside the A-School, SoA

HVAC Tour of Campbell Hall

Amongst the many opportunities at UVa SoA’s M. Arch program is the ability to TA for undergraduate and graduate level courses, depending on your level of expertise in certain fields. There is a website on which professors will sometimes post positions, but also sometimes they will simply send an email through the school listserve and set up brief interviews with students.

I am TA-ing for Professor Bill Sherman’s Sites Systems and Buildings course for 3rd year undergrads, first year Path A students, and interested Path B students. It is a course that delves into site strategies and building systems (how they work + integrate). Today, we took a field trip down into the HVAC rooms to see the Air Handling Units (AHU’s) as well as the wilderness of pipes, wires, conduits, etc. involved.

Bill Sherman explaining the functions of the Compressor behind him (the giant black pipes + beige joints).



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