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Barrack Rd Shopping Center

For the 2nd half of the semester studio 6010 is looking at the Barracks Rd Shopping Center.  Barrack Rd is a strip shopping mall not unlike most in the Country: big box stores set back from the street with a sea of parking in front.  We will be proposing an intervention on the site to further connect the site to rest of Charlottesville and the University. The program needs to include: living accommodations; cultural public amenities; and a rich, productive landscape.  We began this project by mapping the systems that currently exist on the site and that once existed.  Through this  mapping we began to develop an idea of the future potential of the site, which will lead to our design.  We are again working between hand drawing, physical modeling and parametric design using grasshopper.


Birds eye view of Barrack Rd Shopping Center



The following are some quick study models showing my first reactions to the site.  I began by mapping the existing topography and water systems that once existed on the site.  I then began thinking how these systems could be abstracted and brought into the future.


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