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ARCH 7010, University of Virginia School of Architecture

New Orleans

The 7010 Studio has been making progress in New Orleans.  We are currently in the process of designing a music school for middle school and high school students in partnership with a local non-profit called the Roots of Music.

Courtesy of Luke Paskevich

Our initial project was dealing with larger issues in New Orleans, such as infrastructure.  Working in conjunction with the 7010 Landscape studio, we did a 2 week charette project looking at 2 areas that are particularly problematic within New Orleans.  1. The London Avenue outfall canal, and 2. The I-10 corridor along Claiborne Avenue.  In general, our proposals sought to address issues of water, community and class disparity in a place that is looking toward a restructured future.

In the canal projects, we followed the lead of the Dutch Dialogues project who proposed changing the levee wall typology and converting the outfall canals into urban wetlands, making their residents more aware of the wet conditions of the city as a positive, not a negative force.

For the I-10 corridor, we examined ways to re-stitich and re-imagine the city fabric in its absence, re-establishing neutral ground territories, adding commercial devel0pment, and providing parkland and other recreational spaces.

The PDF of our presentations can be linked to from here:  Presentation

Since the trip, we have been busy visioning, diagramming, and creating initial designs of our future music school sites.



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