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From Rock to Structure to Space

Studio 6010, which are the 1st year Path A students, had our first review yesterday.  Lucia Phinney and Michael Beaman were our reviews. Even though everyone had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep the night before all presentations went very well.  It was exciting to see everyone’s work come together in the end.

Our semester started by finding a rock, not a smooth river rock, but a rough natural rock.  We then had to find the “internal” structure of our rock.  We explored this structure through drawing and modeling. The strongest features of my rock was a ridge along the side and vertical layering, this became the basis for my structure.

Rock Internal Structure

Rock Structure

We then began to think about the spacial relationships in our rock structure and how it could be inhabited by people.  We also began exploring the relationships between public and private spaces, as well as the political, social and environmental systems that effect space.  All of our projects quickly moved beyond our rock structures.

When exploring our spaces we worked by going back and forth between physical modeling, drawing and parametric design using grasshopper.   This was all of our first time using grasshopper and there was definitely lots of frustration.  It was very difficult to get the program to do what I wanted it to do, there  were lots of dead ends.  But in the end i think working in grasshopper influenced my design for the better.  It made we really think about the reasons and the “rules”  behind my design.

Grasshopper Model

Since the beginning of the semester we have been working without a site.  The next part of this project will be bringing our ideas about space and relationship to a real site….Baracks Road Shopping Center.  I am very excited for this jump, to have something to react to and external forces to base my design on.


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