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Obama in C’ville!

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HVAC Tour of Campbell Hall

Amongst the many opportunities at UVa SoA’s M. Arch program is the ability to TA for undergraduate and graduate level courses, depending on your level of expertise in certain fields. There is a website on which professors will sometimes post positions, but also sometimes they will simply send an email through the school listserve and … Continue reading

Barrack Rd Shopping Center

For the 2nd half of the semester studio 6010 is looking at the Barracks Rd Shopping Center.  Barrack Rd is a strip shopping mall not unlike most in the Country: big box stores set back from the street with a sea of parking in front.  We will be proposing an intervention on the site to … Continue reading

Light Studies – Guest Lecturer Victor Olgyay from RMI

ARCH 8230: Building Synthesis, taught by Professor Mark Rylander, is taken in the final Fall semester of the M. Arch curriculum as part of a series of courses geared towards the technical aspects of architecture such as Structure, HVAC, etc. Today, Victor Olgyay of Rocky Mountain Institute came as a guest lecturer to talk about how … Continue reading

Hiking Around C’ville

There are a great variety of hikes available around C’ville. Some that are pretty easy to get to are along Skyline Drive. This particular hike is called Doyle River. It is about 7.5 miles long, took about 5.5 hours at a steady pace, and joined up with Appalachian Trail for a little while.

ARCH 8010 | Crisman Studio | Review 1 | WG Clark + Mark Rylander Critics

On Monday, ARCH 8010 Design Studio with Professor Phoebe Crisman had a pre-Mid-Review with WG Clark and Mark Rylander as critics.We are designing a Science Lab + Public Education Center located in Woodbridge, VA for comprehensive studio. Overall, WG Clark was impressed with the variety of approaches taken by the students, but also stressed the … Continue reading

New Orleans

The 7010 Studio has been making progress in New Orleans. We are currently in the process of designing a music school for middle school and high school students in partnership with a local non-profit called the Roots of Music. Continue reading

Farmers Market

My favorite part of every week is visiting the city farmers market on saturday morning. Continue reading

From Rock to Structure to Space

Studio 6010, which are the 1st year Path A students, had our first review yesterday. Continue reading