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ARCH 8010

ARCH 8010 Design Studio: Shure Professor Charette Week

Day 1: Recalling Architecture Experiences from Early Childhood

Day 2: Finding places evoking Early Architectural Spaces

Day 3: What Emerged from the Process

M. Arch students at UVa take ARCH 8010 Design Studio in the Fall before graduation (the second to last studio ever). Every year for this studio, we host a visiting lecturer through the Harry S. Shure Visiting Professorship Endowment. Recent recipients include Stefan Behnisch (2009) and Bryan Bell (2008).

This past week, we had Merrill Elam who became our fellow explorer in early childhood architecture experiences, and how that translates into our design process. We began by telling stories of our first distinctive experience with architecture. Next, we walked around campus to physically experience spaces that evoked the essence of our spaces. Finally, we drew from the creative energy of remembrance to develop a small project that expressed our experiences from the week.



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